The Virtual Pilot 3D is a realistic and interesting flight simulator game that offers awesome experience to players. This game is designed in the way that gives the feel of real flight including real cockpits, real aircraft and real view. We compared some most popular flight simulators available in market and found virtual Pilot 3D as the leading one in terms of quality, features and price among others. Here we are presenting the comprehensive features, pros and cons of the product.




  • Actual World Airfields

This game is available with a beautiful world that looks like real world airfields. Players can fly to anywhere in world from their own runway to all destinations across the world.

  • More Than 200 Aircrafts

This innovative game has more than 200 aircraft assortments so players can select their favorite one such as 747 Jumbo jet, Antonov An-225, SR71 Blackbird along with gliders and helicopters. You can also find models of pre-world war in the same selection.

  • Real Cockpit

In Virtual Pilot 3d, the cockpits are designed like real cockpits with full controls that give the feeling of real flight to the players. Some other actual features are malfunctions, delays in the input, random system failures and more. Players also get a tutorial for support with this game.


  • Real Structure

In this flight simulator, aircrafts responds like the real planes. They act like the real contour parts in situations including unstable weather, takeoffs and severe crosswind landings. One more thing that makes it very special is integration of a ground upshot.

  • Real Climate

The virtual Pilot 3D has features that allow players to feel the real weather conditions at each location for limited time along with NOAA reports from nearest airports as well as meteorological reports. These features add more realistic feel to this flight simulator.


  • Incredible View

You will find amazing geographical view in this flight sim that is exactly like having real view from the window of the flight.


Virtual pilot 3d review

  • Multi User Support

The virtual Pilot 3D comes with multi user support. This simply means that system that is operating this flight sim can support more than nine monitors. Different players can play together. It allows players to have 3D visual experience in gaming.

  • Wide Mode for Compatibility

This unique game can run on all current operating systems including Mac OSX, Windows 7, Mac OSX leopard edition and Vista XP. It needs 2 GHz processor and one GB RAM.

  • Real Airline routes

Virtual Pilot 3D allows players to fly on actual routes of airplane used by airlines from across the globe. This way players get more realistic experience. Users can also select for their individual routes for flights.

  • ATC

The virtual Pilot 3D has cream colored system for air traffic control along with complete features such as Departure, Arrival, Centre, Tower and Ground Air Traffic Control structure. The experienced and advanced players can also choose to be vectored from airport locations or they can also contact for mechanism Landing Systems and visual approaches. They can also prefer to fly under VFR or IFR.

  • Complete Autopilot Attribute

The gaming system also has important features called full autopilot that allows gamers to sit and relax at the cruising elevation and enjoy the landscape.

  • Integrated Tutorial System and Guide

Each single aircraft includes an interactive guiding or tutorial system that is integrated in it. The guide provides top quality support to the players via flight control panels. In this way, gamers can run it like they are very much familiar with the same.Click below to download virtual pilot 3d.

Click here to visit Official “Virtual Pilot 3D” Website


  • Fly Anywhere From Home

The Virtual Pilot 3D helps players get feel of roaming around the world from their home. It offers full terrain across the globe that is based on NASA so that players can select any location or country to fly such as Himalayas, Eiffel Tower, Great Pyramid of Giza and a lot more.

  • Autopilot and Instrument Flying

Virtual Pilot 3d flight simulator has complete features for instruments that are

  • The Turn Coordinator (TC)
  • The Airspeed Indicator (ASI)
  • The Altimeter (ALT)
  • The Attitude Indicator (AI)
  • The Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI)
  • The Directional Gyro (DG)
  • The Scenery Designer Software and Flight Planner

The virtual pilot 3d allows all advanced players to create their own view, make their own landscapes and landmarks, mountains, rivers and new buildings. They can design any view with this program.

Drawback of Virtual Pilot 3D

We have not found any drawback of this simulator. The only thing that can puzzle some people is its advanced level and players need to have a little technical skill. But we think this is not an issue for most since the product is available with comprehensive guide and video tutorials so they can easily operate and enjoy the game.Download Virtual pilot 3d by clicking “download now” button.

Ultimately we recommend ‘The virtual pilot 3d game’ to all adventure lovers and modern players, who are looking for creativity in their games.

  • Some Salient Features of Virtual Pilot 3D

Finding a good as well as realistic flight simulator is not easy. After examining a number of flight simulators on the market, we found out that Virtual pilot 3D download was simply the best. Before you compare the flight simulator to others, let us look at one of the virtual pilot 3D reviews.

Virtual pilot 3D flight simulator makes you feel like a real pilot. It has real roads, standard departure and approach procedures that will provide you with the best opportunity of training. You can depart or arrive at the airport while steering at the altitude of your choice. It features over 2500 airports as well as 200 real aircrafts that allow for easy setting of the scene to enjoy your flight experience. The Virtual pilot 3D is superior to any tower because it comprises any of the Flight simulator ATC modules.
The advanced navigation of the Virtual pilot 3D makes it better than any other flight simulator that you can imagine. The device offers support to all the modern navigation features.

Navigation features supported by the flight simulator

• GPS navigation,


• ILS• Autopilot


Characteristics of the game

Select from 200+ helicopters and planes

• Choose from over 2500 actual airports

• Multiplayer enabled

• Supports all hardware

• Integrated with Google maps

• Built in interactive tutorial videos

• Features Eisenhower and Nimitz

• Free lifetime updates
With the flight simulator, you will have the opportunity of flying some of the biggest aircrafts in the industry such as helicopters airbus 380S among others. In addition, the state of art type of flight modeling system offers high quality audio and visual experiences because of the controls that accompany the device. Every vehicle featured in each of the cockpits is 100%. You will find an interactive training kit that will offer you with the guidance on how to use the controls that come with the system to enhance on your flight experience.Buy virtual pilot 3d and get the feel of real flight.

As you fly around, the actual wind may bring about the real effect of turbulent air hence affecting your movements. Whether you want to fly to New York, San Jose or any other destination, the flight simulator will rarely disappoint you. The detailed modeling of the simulator takes into account daytime and seasonal effects. This implies that you will have the chance of interacting with real celestial bodies such as the sun, stars and moon. While on the real life train, you can use Google maps to locate your destination. When it starts to pour in a particular destination for example let us say Colorado, you will witness the same downpour within the game. In case you want to adjust the real weather of a place simply, use the real sync technology. Using this technology, you can find the temperature, pressure, density as well as visibility including other real life conditions you would expect to find at the airport.

In conclusion, Virtual pilot 3D  is among the most comprehensive, highly developed and realistic flight simulators on the market. The flight simulator allows you to fly in different places of the world. The video tutorials provided, free lifetime updates, realistic controls as well as instrument behavior, the experience you get from a real life helicopter and other attributes makes this flight simulator to be one in its own class.